In a remarkable showcase of innovation, dedication, and educational excellence, AskGuru was honored to participate in the prestigious Kolokium Pendidikan: Pertandingan Inovasi, Poster Digital dan Persidangan Guru Cemerlang Peringkat Kebangsaan 2023. The event not only highlighted the outstanding contributions of Malaysian teachers but also solidified partnerships that aim to propel the nation’s education sector forward.

The Kolokium Pendidikan event, a platform dedicated to celebrating the brilliance of educators, served as a reminder of the pivotal role teachers play in shaping the future of the country. It brought together a diverse community of educators, educational organizations, and stakeholders to share insights, experiences, and innovative ideas that are instrumental in fostering a holistic learning environment.

One of the major highlights of the event was the memorandum of understanding (MOU) signing between AskGuru and Majlis Guru Cemerlang Malaysia. The MOU signing ceremony, graced by the Ministry of Education, marked a significant milestone in the realm of education. This strategic partnership aims to harness the power of technology and expertise to enhance the teaching and learning experiences for both educators and students across Malaysia.

The MOU signing ceremony, graced by the Ministry of Education. From left Tuan Mohd Faisal B Mohd Mazlan (YDP Majlis Guru Cemerlang Selangor), Pn Sarimah Yaakob (Ex YDP Majlis Guru Cemerlang Selangor), Justin Chang (CEO of AskGuru).

Dr. Latip bin Muhammad (Pengarah Bahagian Perancangan dan Penyelidikan Dasar Pendidikan) acknowledges AskGuru’s impact on Malaysian education.



The collaboration between AskGuru and Majlis Guru Cemerlang Malaysia underscores a shared commitment to advancing educational standards and embracing innovation in education. By pooling resources and expertise, the partnership seeks to provide teachers with access to cutting-edge tools and resources that can elevate their teaching methodologies, engage students more effectively, and foster a love for learning.

The digital age has brought about unprecedented opportunities and challenges to the education landscape. Teachers are now tasked with preparing students for a rapidly evolving world, where adaptability, critical thinking, and creativity are paramount. The collaboration between AskGuru and Majlis Guru Cemerlang Malaysia addresses these challenges by offering a platform that empowers educators to stay updated with the latest educational trends, share best practices, and access a wealth of teaching resources.

The Kolokium Pendidikan event also highlighted the ingenious innovations and digital posters presented by educators from various corners of Malaysia. These creations showcased the inventive ways teachers are integrating technology, interactive content, and creative pedagogies into their classrooms. The event provided a unique opportunity for educators to inspire one another and learn from each other’s successes, creating a rich environment for cross-pollination of ideas.

In a world that is rapidly evolving, education must keep pace with changing dynamics to prepare students for success. The partnership between AskGuru and Majlis Guru Cemerlang Malaysia, solidified during the Kolokium Pendidikan event, is a testament to the commitment of both entities to support educators in their journey to excellence. By leveraging technology, sharing best practices, and fostering collaboration, this partnership is set to revolutionize the way education is delivered in Malaysia.

As the event concluded, the echoes of innovation, dedication, and excellence continued to resonate. The Kolokium Pendidikan 2023 not only celebrated the greatness of Malaysian teachers but also laid the foundation for a transformative future in education, one where students are empowered with the skills and knowledge to thrive in an ever-changing world.