Meet The Team

Letter To All From Justin Chang – Co-founder and CEO

Struggles, Strengths, And Dreams

Enabling Education As Accessible As Netflix, As Brainy As Discord

I am beyond thankful to initiate AskGuru as one very effective tool that helps to overcome common issues just a few taps away.

The team and I promise to bring inspiration and excellence in redefining the way of education for every student throughout their prime years.

In other words, let students become co-creators of their learning. Let
education be fundamental to the growth and development of Malaysia.

Starting Today, Score Beyond Excellence With Askguru

With AskGuru, Parents And Children Today Don’t Need To Been Through This… alone.

All parents deserve a hand in supporting children’s learning towards excellence.

No child shall be left behind by educational inequality caused by various factors. E.g. insufficient infrastructure in rural and remote schools, uneven opportunities for students with weak academic performance and incompetent household income, etc.

Meet The Team

Justin Chang

Chief Executive Officer

Karen Chia

Chief Operating Officer

Andrie Ung

Chief Business Development Officer

Tommy Tan

Chief Financial Officer

Elbert Chuah

Chief Technology Officer

Louis Tan

Head of Marketing