Redefining The Way Of Education

Why AskGuru?

AskGuru is both a simple and powerful education solution founded on three pillars:

Accessibility, Flexibility, and Affordability.

We constantly impart knowledge under a learner-centric framework, creating a motivating interactive learning environment that moves students forward.

Discover How AskGuru Will Empower You

Affordable Solution

Rather an inexpensive option with standards-aligned content towards MOE education blueprint to meet academic needs

Seamless Partnership

Strategically combine print, and digital learning resources with a renowned publisher, Guru
Cermelang, Jurulatih Utama as well as SPM examiners

Knowledge On-Demand

Revise effortlessly with over 30,000 SPM Q&As in video-guided content

Gamification in Education

Focus on rewarding healthy learning habits by turning learning objectives into quests/E-challenges

User-centric Features

A time-saving, easy-to-use, and engaging platform to create the ultimate learning experience

Result Driven

All-in-1 comprehensive performance dashboard that enables real-time tracking from every worksheet attempted

Up Trending Technology

Implement neuroscientific insights by addressing learning gaps, result-driven worksheets, and smart note taker for targeted improvement

Journey of Excellence – Score A And Achieve Beyond

SPM is just beyond the horizon but are you well-prepared enough to ace it?

Don’t sweat it. AskGuru got you covered with practical solutions that lead you towards A-class.

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