Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia (SPM) is a crucial examination for Malaysian students, as it determines their future academic and career paths. To help students prepare for SPM, AskGuru organized an SPM Seminar Online 2023, which took place on three Sundays: February 5th, February 12th, and February 19th.

The seminar was conducted via Google Meet, and was attended by experienced teachers, including Jurulatih Utama and Guru Cemerlang. The teachers provided valuable insights and guidance on how to prepare for the SPM examination, covering a range of subjects, including Sejarah, Ekonomi, Matematik, Sains, and Prinsip Perakaunan.

During each session, the speakers shared their experiences and expertise, providing students with tips and strategies to score well in their respective subjects. They also addressed common concerns and doubts that students might have had, such as time management and exam preparation techniques.

For students who were unable to attend the seminar, the recorded sessions were made available on YouTube. This allowed students to watch the sessions at their own pace and convenience, and to revisit the sessions multiple times to reinforce their understanding of the subject matter.

Overall, the AskGuru SPM Seminar Online 2023 was a valuable resource for students who were preparing for their SPM examination. The seminar provided students with valuable insights and guidance from experienced teachers, as well as tips and strategies to improve their performance in the SPM examination. We hope that the seminar was helpful to all the students who participated, and we wish them good luck in their SPM examination.

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