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Why AskGuru?

AskGuru is both a simple and powerful education solution founded on three pillars:

Accessibility, Flexibility, and Affordability.

We constantly impart knowledge under a learner-centric framework, creating a motivating interactive learning environment that moves students forward.

Our Gurus

AskGuru App offers a vast collection of pre-recorded video-guided solutions created by professional teachers. These videos are designed to help students understand complex concepts and tackle difficult academic problems. 

The professional teachers in AskGuru App are highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated to helping students achieve academic success. They are carefully selected based on their expertise and undergo ongoing training and support to ensure that they can provide the best possible learning experience to students.

Reference Book, Tuition or AskGuru

The AskGuru app combines the benefits of tuition and reference book. With the app, you can receive guidance from teachers via video and access quality questions that you can make notes, bookmark and share with friends.

Learning Methods Reference Book Tuition AskGuru
All SPM Subjects
Learning strategy
Step by step answering tips
Guidance by experienced Teachers
Study at own pace
Study anywhere
Available 24/7
Price per subject (Average) RM9.90/book RM120.00/month RM7.70/month

Self-revision can be more efficient than tuition because it allows individuals to take control of their own learning process and tailor their revision to their individual needs.


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