General Question

Who attends Grab A+ SPM Carnival (GASC)?

GASC is open to form 5 students at a discounted rate for early bird. Parents are invited to attend as well.

When and where are the GASC events?

GASC is held at UNITAR University on January 14 and 15, 2023.

Why should form 5 students attend?
  • 6 key subjects: Add Math, Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology & Sejarah
  • Tips & hints on writing perfect answers
  • Common mistakes & misconceptions
  • Taught by Jurulatih Utama & Examiners
  • Motivational talks by famous celebrities
  • University counseling session
Why should parents attend?

University counseling session for your child.

What is the attire at the events?
  • Students should wear collared shirts/T-shirt with sleeves and pants/jeans/skirt. No torn attire is allowed, especially jeans.
  • Shirts (except Hawaiian-style shirt) should be tucked in.Shorts are not allowed.
  • Female students should dress appropriately and not wear clothes which are too revealing.
  • Mini skirts/dresses, high slits or low necklines, ‘bare back’ apparel and exposed midriff and spaghetti-straps or see-through blouses are not allowed.
  • Proper footwear, shoes/sandals should be worn. Japanese slippers are not allowed.


Can I buy tickets offline?

Kindly checkout via Stripe payment gateway. Please contact Support Team through messenger if you face any issue.

Can I purchase tickets at the door/gate/entrance?
Tickets must be purchased at least one (1) business day prior to the event.
Can I share my event ticket with another person?
No. Tickets are issued to an individual and are not transferable between event sessions/days.
How will I receive my ticket?
You will receive a confirmation email for the event. There is no need to present this for entry on the day, as the Events Team will have your registration details on file.


Public Transport

LRT and free shutter bus is available at Kelana Jaya and Taman Bahagia Station.


*UNITAR Parking Lot : RM 3.00 per entry

Parking lot price :
1. RM5.00 per entry
2. RM3.50 per entry
3. RM3.00 per entry