AskGuru is Malaysia’s No 1 trending self-revision mobile application that allows students to learn quickly and build their confidence level in their academics from a community of experts. Recently, AskGuru announced its partnership with Pan Asia Publications, a leading publisher of educational materials in Southeast Asia, and currently holds a position as a Malaysian Top 3 publisher. This partnership will bring a new level of expertise to AskGuru and help students in the region to achieve their academic goals.

Pan Asia Publications has a long history of providing high-quality educational materials to students across Southeast Asia. They publish textbooks, workbooks, and other materials that are widely used in schools and universities throughout the region. By collaborating with AskGuru, they will be able to bring their expertise to a wider audience and help students who are struggling with their studies.

The collaboration between AskGuru and Pan Asia Publications will have several benefits for students. First, students will have access to a wider range of experts and resources through the AskGuru platform. This will make it easier for them to get answers to their questions and find the help they need to succeed.

Second, the collaboration will provide students with access to high-quality educational materials that are recognized by the Ministry of Education from Pan Asia Publications. These materials are designed to help students master the concepts and skills they need to succeed in their studies. By making these materials available through AskGuru, students will have a more convenient and accessible way to access them.

Finally, the collaboration will help to strengthen the educational ecosystem in Malaysia. By bringing together two leading players in the education industry, the collaboration will help to promote innovation and collaboration in the region. This, in turn, will benefit students and educators across the region and help to improve the overall quality of education in Malaysia. We look forward to seeing the benefits of this collaboration in the years to come.