About Us

Our Vision

Redefining The Way Of Education

We believe lifelong learning is the only key to excellence. AskGuru was founded to enrich the lives of students through holistic educational practices and strong values.

Mission Statement

Bring Happiness to Learning

We aim to bring happiness to learning by creating engaging, joyful educational experiences that foster curiosity, inspire creativity, and promote a sense of accomplishment.

AskGuru Values

Happiness in Learning

Creating Joyful Learning

At AskGuru, we’re dedicated to creating a joyful learning experience. We inspire curiosity, support personal growth, foster connections, cultivate mastery, encourage creativity, embrace lifelong learning, and prioritize joyful learning experiences.


What We Do, We Do Well

We drive quality as a cultural value. We strive to set the highest standard of quality in everything we do.

Customers Commitment

We Become What We Are Committed To

We focus on learner-centric solutions to create positive impacts through our talents, passion, and hardwork.

Respect for others

All About Respect

We value a community where the young generation feels respected, inspired, and encouraged to make learning a process of self-improvement.


Team On A Mission

We do everything with “Nurturing Younger Generation” in mind, inspiring others to be part of us and together we make a difference


We Rise By Lifting Others

We believe everyone can play a role in giving back to the community, and everyone deserves an opportunity to unleash their potential through quality education.

Consistent Improvement

Invest Learning for All, Improve Quality of Life

We invest in each other and achieve beyond excellence by constantly challenging ourselves to break new ground.

What We Do

Connectedness, Collaboration, And Co-creation –
The AskGuru Approach

AskGuru offers a modern and highly engaging way to learn where conventional education has proved insufficient at meeting the challenges faced by students and parents.

We Connect

We connect parents to efficiently monitor the learning of their children with access to data, content and the cloud.

We Collaborate

We collaborate with high-level educators in creating personalized educational content via digital tools and access to resources beyond classroom walls.

We Co-create

We co-create transformative and sustainable impacts on the success of all students, then grow a community with a lifelong love of learning.

Let’s discover five key breakthroughs from the conventional approach and AskGuru approach within the educational context here.

Learning Occurs In Pursuit Of Answers – M.O.R.E

AskGuru Journey of Excellence – Redefining The Way Of Education